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Showcase your listing in the best light possible!

Our Mission

Here at Brian Peterson Photography, We strive to give our clients the one on one customer service they deserve.  From brand new real estate agents who need high quality, affordable, photography to help their listing stand out, to seasoned veteran agents who are looking for the consistency, dependability and professionalism that is expected.  Contact us today and we will start showcasing your listing, company or brand in the best light imaginable!

Professional Services

Interior Photography


By using HDR, flash photography, or a combination of both, your interior spaces will have a high end feel while showcasing key features.  Our sessions don't come with a set number of photos, rather, your collection will tell the full story of the house and capture each room in it's most aesthetically pleasing angle and light.  On average each house will have between 15-30 photos.

Exterior Photography


In today's fast paced world of real estate, mother nature doesn't always like to cooperate.  Realtors don't have time to wait for the perfect day to list a property.  It is because of this, we guarantee blue sky with all of my exterior photos.  Free sky replacement allows you to focus on selling and not on the weather.  If you want to take your listing to the next level, sign up for a twilight session.  Your property will be captured during the transition from sunset to twilight which will give your listing the WOW factor that makes it stand out from the competition.

Aerial Photo and Video


Add a whole new dynamic to your photo collection or video.  Show off your listings property or just get different angles from above.  Views from above do a much better job at showing scale, compared to typical wide angle ground level photography.  Our drone service will give you professional looking aerial imagery that will show off a client's property from the sky.  As an FAA Part 107 licensed and insured drone pilot, we will safely and effectively capture each client's property with the same creative eye and quality they come to expect from my work.

Video Walkthrough

Image by ShareGrid

A video walkthrough is a great way to immerse potential buyers into the home and showcase the layout of the house.  Pictures alone show one angle, add video and your potential buyers will feel like they are on a personal tour.  This allows you to expand your reach to buyers who may be out of state and not able to see a house in person.  Combine this with drone video and you will have a 2-5 minute video that showcases all the property has to offer.

Additional Services

More than just real estate.


Commercial Services

We help business owners showcase their life's work through professional, high quality photo and video.  Construction, landscaping, restaurants, architects and more.  We will paint your business in the best possible light, booking you more jobs and giving your business the professional look it deserves.  Call today for your free one on one consultation and we will build a plan around your business's needs.



Whether you need seamless white backgrounds for your product pages or stylized, multi product setups for your homepage, we will give your product the attention to detail your business needs to stand out online.



Book your on-location headshots today.  We will come to you and schedule your headshots at your office, at your home or at a point of interest.


Quality Imagery and Service

Offering a high quality visual experience without sacrificing service in todays fast paced world of real estate.  Out of Montgomery County Pennsylvania, we proudly serve Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey and parts of Delaware and New York.


Tell us your story and we will help you capture it.  Contact us today and we will help put your business in the best light possible!

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 18073


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